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    rhizospheric sewage treatment plant

There does not exist a uniform opinion to, also called root zone sewage treatment plants, which of the many methods the most suitable is, vertical filter, horizontal filter, not cohesive floors, humic floors etc. Rhizospheric sewage treatment plants are particularly advantageous for increased cleaning requests. The reasons are:

  • a decentralized and close-to-nature sewage purification
  • a good fit in to the landscape or an enrichment of your estate
  • having a good biotope valency

Aim of the is ecologically compatibly cleaning and it is a sewage technology close to nature with system. It is cheap and environmentally friendly.

"Pro Arkades" offers at the purification of sewage by rhizospheric sewage treatment plants the complete construction and plant maintenance. The singles performances consist of:

  • complete construction of rhizospheric sewage treatment plants
  • erection of single components of rhizospheric sewage treatment plants
  • erection of collecting compartments, multi-compartment septic tanks, grease separators
  • construction of evaporation beds, leaching fields, ponds,
  • construction of rainwater yielding plants
  • prefabrication and installation of PE waterproof foil
  • delivery and planting of small biotopes, ponds, beds etc.
  • plant maintenance

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