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    roof planting

The advantages for decades were guessed by overgrown roofs into oblivion. Today in a time, where the topic environment and its preservation increasingly comes to our mind, so-called "Ökodächer" move into our field of vision again as they offer room for the flora and fauna.

Turfed roofs:

  • prevent the dragging of dust and dirt particles and the on-radiation of buildings
  • improves the micro climate by giving humidity
  • protects the roof from weather influences
  • offers day room for flora and fauna
  • improves the retardation of condensation
  • reduces the set of the water drain in the sewage system.

Besides the ecological aspect the "green roofs" are increasing today, under the point of view of the longevity and the energy efficiency. Many planner and architects by the roof planting with trees and grass put special accents and use today's possibilities as further formal element. Being able to alter all manners of roofs simultaneously to eye-catcher and day rooms.

Roof planting is distinguished between intensive and extensive roof planting.

intensive roof planting

Prerequisites for intensive roof plantings:

  • a floor thickness of about 75 cm
  • a special foundation and
  • a sufficient water supply.

There are various design options possible with herbaceous perennial plants, copses and smaller trees.


extensive roof planting

Extensive roof planting stands out due to unpretentious plants on a thin vegetation layer of 3 - 20 cm. It is more economical at low care effort.

By our long-standing experience in the working with roof plantings we do justice to all quality and guarantee claims.


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