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    drainage systems close-to-nature

The conventional pavement of areas (sealing) by asphalt, concrete or closed stone areas blocks the natural (ground-)water air circulation. This has both, ecological consequences (e.g. reduced groundwater recharge, the drying up of sources, overtaxed water and wastewater drains) and economic consequences, due to the great required drain cross-cuts. Reason enough to supply the percipitation waters of areas built on and fastened to the natural water cycle if possible at a place nearby.

A rain water management close-to-nature is a meaningful environmentally solution.

The infiltration of rain- and surface- water can be carried out by:

  • infiltration in hollows
  • infiltration in drainages
  • hollows drainage trenches infiltration
  • infiltration in working
  • composite systems

These drainage systems close-to-nature serve the delayed and throttled derivation of rain water.

The erection of these drainage systems close-to-nature offers in the context of garden and landscape construction work as a system solution with high own quality standards.

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